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The Community Football Academy

The Community Football Academy, also known as CFA, was founded in 2004 as a community club for the people of Leicester. Our initial aim was to provide coaching to children who did not play any form of mainstream competitive football. So far, we have successfully developed our foundation and have since strived to increase our reach and capacity.

CFA provides its Academy coaching for multiple age groups – boys and girls on a weekly basis. Fully qualified FA coaches deliver these sessions at Judgemeadow County College, which is also a Football Foundation Facility.

The CFA Academy was originally intended as a means to get children off the streets and into something positive which they could develop and hone their skills. The Academy is and always will be the Central Pillar to Our Success. Children of all ages, races and abilities are able to have a platform to unite by expressing and enjoying themselves through football.


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We pride ourselves in ensuring that we provide excellent coaching facilities and host regular events in order to raise awareness and provide the best service for our community. Within the community of Leicester there is not another organization that provides the facilities that we do. We advocate participation and cohesion between all faiths as we believe strongly in unity, fair play and respect for others.

We have gone on to organize many football tournaments, leagues and inter-faith friendly events for children and adults of all ages, races, abilities and backgrounds. In the last 10 years we have held over 57 events with approximately 7265 children partaking in our events. We have been invited to represent Leicester at overseas inter-faith events in Germany and Sweden; furthermore, we have numerous links and associations with organizations such as the Leicestershire FA, Leicestershire Constabulary and Leicestershire County Council.

CFA has progressed to have a number of representing teams in local leagues in Leicester. We currently have 3 senior adults team and 5 boys teams; under 11s, under 12s, under 13s, under 14s and under 15s. Our Ethos to develop players both on the pitch and off, from a young age, teaching many important life skills and improving playing ability


What we strive to achieve at CFA

  • Create an environment where children and adults of all ages and abilities can enjoy football, at a competitive and non-competitive level
  • Improve the playing ability of our members on the field, whilst ensuring development of interpersonal and skills to support future growth.
  • Encourage the community to work together in order to develop Junior and senior football.
  • Provide educational and Life skills workshops for the youth members and parents.
  • Promote community cohesion and engagement through football
  • Form links and relationships locally, nationally and internationally in order to unite people of different backgrounds.

Where are CFA heading?

Our Primary Goal is to develop and progress as an academy in the near future. Moving forward we want to work with many more organizations to further develop the services we provide to the community.

Within the next few years we aim to have more league teams, allowing us to have a system by which children from the academy can develop and progress into the youngest league team, right up to the senior team; not only for boys but respectively also for girls. Along with this, we have already set a commitment to providing disability football within the next 18 months.

Our Future plans are to develop our own facilities; we want to create a community hub where we have match day and training day facilities. We want to create a fully encompassing base, equipped with state of the art gym facilities and learning environments.

So far, we have been blessed to achieve the aims and targets we have set out. We are confident that we will achieve these future goals within the time set out. We firmly believe that we will always be able to progress, we will never compromise the services we provide, rather excel and be the best we possibly can.

CFA Club Code of Conduct

As a club we take code of conduct very seriously. We begin with an extract from the constitution followed by the CFA code of conduct. For a
full copy of our Club Constitution please contact the management. See below for the main aims of the Club as outlined in the full copy.

The aims of the Group shall be to:

  • Offer young people in Leicester City the opportunity to attend and participate in football in a safe environment
  • To improve the fitness, skill and technique of young people in football
  • To encourage young people of all communities to take part in footballing opportunities
  • To promote the activities of the Community football Academy in the local community and other similar sporting provision
  • To encourage young people to be involved in the positive marketing and promotion of the academy